alexis mastmeier

More recently, Alexis has decided to join the family business, leaving a lucrative and promising IT job in Atlanta, Georgia in order to bring her skills and expertise to Blue Diamond Jewelers. Coming from years of software sales experience, she longed to become a part of something that held true meaning, and what better avenue than the very business she grew about with? To continue a legacy of Blue Diamond Jewelers, as the 4th generation. Although recently joining, she has always been involved and was taught sales techniques and pearl stringing at the young age of 13.

Alexis joined the business in June 2019 and is the fourth generation of the family business. Although recently joining, she has always been involved and was taught sales techniques and pearl stringing at the young age of 13. Coming from years of software sales experience, she longed to become a part of something that held true meaning, and what better avenue then the very business she grew about with? She currently manages the technology side of the business as well as pearl stringing, design and operations. 


“Alexis is one of the highest potential, motivated, engaged and effective colleagues I have worked with. She exemplifies all of the core skills for success – always prepared, does her research, genuinely curious, is empathetic, is solution oriented and you can trust she will always deliver what she promises. Alexis has a genuine desire to learn and interest in people whether it is about a solution, a customer’s business, a market trend and because of this she creates amazing connections with her colleagues, customers and partners. She is fun to work with and great to collaborate with. I believe that Alexis has an amazing career in front of her.”

Rick Farris

"Alexis' energy, enthusiasm, and positive attitude elevates everyone who works with her up to her level. She truly knows how to demonstrate value to prospects and how to properly set expectations, creating lasting and intentional relationships in the process."

antoni costa

"Alexis has a huge potential and an amazing career in front of her. She has been one of the worldwide top Account Executives selling cloud solutions. She understands cloud technology as well as the product she is selling in deep detail, asking and researching what can be the best option for the customer. She also understand the Marketplace ecosystem and the channel partner strategy in order to align the best value proposition and deal's annual recurrent revenue. She is a team player, curious and with the best attitude possible. She is a great asset for any cloud company. Her energy and motivation is contagious!"

Carol O'Kelley

"I love working with Alexis. She has one of the most impressive work ethics of anyone I have met. She knows how to put her shoulder to the grindstone and build a pipeline of new business. She is very polished in her interactions with customers,”


Pearl Stringing

Broken strand of pearls? We restring for our customers whenever they like and charge per inch. 



Perhaps reset your stones into a fresh mounting for an updated look?


We believe in providing you all the information you need to make an informed decision. In a confusing industry, let us be your honest guide. 

nicole mastmeier

Nicole married into the business, and lets just say her husband and pioneers of the business could not have done it without her! She has always been the sales guru, and although he passed years ago, she took everything she learned and has continued to serve the community in Estero going on 14 years. She is the expert when it comes to all things having to do with design, custom work, and repairs. 

“The mother and her daughter have begun making updates to the store that will optimize and simplify business operations, enabling continued success. Returning customers will notice the face-lift the store has received, the technological and operational improvements, and the new air that the ladies joining forces have exuded to the clients they love to serve. New look, but the same friendly ladies that are here to serve the community. For at Blue, its all about you, and always will be.


“Nicole was amazing to work with. Her entire team delivers exceptional customer service. She took my grandmothers’ diamonds and made my design come true. Now I wear my beautiful diamonds everyday instead of them sitting in a jewelry box. Many thanks to she and her team and I highly recommend you pay them a visit.”

Alison Boyle

Clarissa Wolman

"Nicole helped me buy the perfect engagement ring for my (now) wife. She was knowledgeable, informative, charming, and fun! I would recommend her to anyone! She also sold me my wife's ring for a great price! If you are looking for personal, local, and knowledgeable service, then this is the place for you!"

Lucas Fassbender

"My experience with Blue Diamond Jewelers was super informative and smooth. Nicole helped me design the perfect ring and my fiancé loves it!!! You can trust Nicole and the staff and know that you are in good hands. Highly recommend!"

Paula Vaessen

"Nicole is a wonderful designer and person. I love her jewelry, I have to fight with myself to keep from going into the store all the time. When it is the right time to buy jewelry, this is where I go!”

rg pend


You dream it, we can make if for you from start to finish!


No bride wants a ring that looks like her friends’, that’s where we come in. 



We will not only repair your piece, but will advise you on how to prevent future breakage!