“To truly see is to close the door of one’s own perception and open a new door”.

Chi Galatea Huynhcheap assignment  

The Designer

This artist has dared to go where no designer has ever dreamed of going. Galatea is known for his innovative ideas such as hand carving Freshwater and South Sea pearls with intricate designs. He has inserted genuine gemstones into oysters, than carves down to the topaz gem or diamond. Galatea has transformed the jewelry industry with his artistic vision. “Carving pearls is an act of creativity, an expression of my hope to be free of constraints, to see beyond the obvious and create something unique.” His line includes The Queen Bead Collection, The Mercy Pearl Collection, The Diamond in a Pearl Collection, and The DaVinchi Cut Collection.

The Queen Bead Collection

This line allows you to design your very own bracelet or necklace. You can select from any of the carved pearls and like other charm bracelets you can build a necklace or bracelet over the years by adding a new pearl to your piece each time.

The Mercy Pearl Collection

Galatea inserts a genuine topaz or coral into the oyster. The oyster coats the stone with nacre creating a pearl. Galatea then takes this pearl and carves its surface exposing the brilliant gemstone beneath it.

The DaVinchi Cut Collection

DaVinchi always said’ “Be a mirror, absorb everything around you and still remain the same”. This line contains emeralds and rubies hidden beneath a clear topaz. This allows the pendant when viewed at different angles to change colors. Its almost seems to be constantly changing in color and texture according to its surroundings.

The Diamond in a Pearl Collection

A gorgeous diamond is inserted into the mollusk and then the face of the diamond is exposed when the pearl is carved. The pearls come in tree colors; black, peach and white symbolizing all that love entails.
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